The future starts at BIT2024 with “Bringing Innovation Into Travel”

The future starts at BIT2024 with “Bringing Innovation Into Travel”

BIT - Borsa Internazionale del Turismo is getting ready for its 2024 edition - at Allianz MiCo from 4 to 6 February 2024 - and confirms itself as a reference point for the world of tourism and a space for previews and information on industry trends.

BIT2024 is even more innovative. The “Bringing Innovation Into Travel” format, the exclusive programme of conferences organized with the support of Business International, Fiera Milano's knowledge department, is even more lively and full of in-depth conferences and seminars in this edition.


There will be three central themes for the event - from macro-trends in the sector to environmental, lifestyle sustainability, and innovation - where, with publishers, companies and authoritative figures from the Italian and international travel industry the major trends that are shaping the travel market will be explored; a market that will remain alive as long as the so-called Wanderlust, that innate desire to travel that characterizes every human being, exists.


And Wanderlust will be the title of one of the most eagerly awaited conferences. On this occasion, international top CEOs from the industry will discuss the direction tourism is taking today and in the long term, covering topics such as sustainability, awareness, personalization, as well as accessibility and a transgenerational approach.


There will be no lack of the usual practical approach of Bringing Innovation into Travel, which has always wanted to offer a toolbox to the industry operators. This year, the topics of Artificial Intelligence and Web 3.0 will be central to the event. The role of the latter in the world of travel - from inspiration to booking - and how the travel industry is adapting to the use of Chat GPT3, or how technology and in person assistance can benefit from each other in the hospitality industry will be discussed.


On the other hand, it is evident how much the digital transition has revolutionized the way we live and see the world. The method by which travelers discover, plan and book their experiences has changed, but so has the way professionals operate. This is because consumers' immediate access to information and services fuels the need for an increasingly rich, up-to-date and customized offer; after all, AI, new tools and data profiling provide companies with a wide range of opportunities to remain competitive by streamlining processes and customizing proposals. Therefore, to face this new scenarios it is essential to update one's skills and adapt one's business model to the new standards.


What prospects does technology offer? What new tools can be used to engage travelers? What are the skills required by the market today and what are the tools to make operations more efficient? These will be some of the topics addressed by BIT 2024, in its “Bringing Innovation Into Travel” edition.


However, although it is necessary to talk about profits, the tourism industry is not just about numbers. It is closely connected to our culture, our well-being and our territory: Therefore, talking about tourism today cannot ignore the issue of sustainability; sustainability understood as protection of the environment but also of the quality of life, both for the operators and customers.



The topic of sustainability and corporate responsibility as well as solutions and strategies against over tourism, or technologies to make cruise travel environmentally friendly will be explored.


Therefore, Bringing Innovation into Travel is intended to be a moment of proactive discussion and reflection on the sector's most topical issues, with an authoritative but pragmatic eye, aimed at capturing the sector's macro-trends, but also at offering solutions and best-practices.



BIT2024 will be at fieramilanocity from Sunday 4 to Tuesday 6 February 2024 For information:, IG @bitmilano.