Working together to innovate: BIT Milano with trade associations

Working together to innovate: BIT Milano with trade associations

In response to the needs of an increasingly diversified and customised tourism sector, it is now key that all players develop their knowledge and increase the potential of matching demand with supply through adequate training of staff in local areas and, above all, by adopting new technologies to help inspire people to travel and formulate targeted offerings

All operators must stay up-to-date, build cooperation and work in an integrated manner. These challenges have been taken up by Bit Milano which, thanks to the support of trade associations, specialised publishers, research bodies and industry professionals, provides combined know-how and analysis for an interconnected and all-round picture of the global Travel Industry. It does this through the comprehensive conference schedule of Bringing Innovation into Travel, developed by Business International – Fiera Milano's knowledge unit – and meetings organised by exhibitors and stakeholders.


Of the many bodies that made the event possible, these associations provided a close look at every industry segment, from package holidays and the world of wellness through to the events sector: ASTOI Confindustria Viaggi, Confturismo, FTO - Federazione Turismo Organizzato, Federterme and Federcongressi&eventi.


“After a year of recovery in which package holidays once again proved their appeal, and at a time of profound technological change, Bit was an opportunity for discussion and exchange, helping us to face the challenges of the future together and to communicate the value of package holidays to institutions and travellers,” noted Giulio Milani, Managing Director at FTO.


In addition to bringing a wide network of associates to the exhibition, FTO offered several training opportunities at Bit events on the most relevant industry topics, such as the use of artificial intelligence. Indeed, in the travel industry, where customisation is key and the main issue is a lack of adequate tools to personalise offerings, machine learning models can take on a valuable support role.


ASTOI Confindustria Viaggi also offered various development and networking opportunities for the package holiday segment with its Villaggio ASTOI format. "Bit was the ideal backdrop for appointments, institutional meetings, interviews and networking,” noted ASTOI Confindustria Viaggi. “It was a very positive experience due to the huge numbers of travel agents, industry operators and consumers.”


The world of events is also undergoing profound transformation. Conventions and trade fairs, as well as fashion shows, cultural events and concerts, are growing in size and lasting for longer. They are also differentiating themselves to suit the needs of varied users. MICE Village, which took place at Bit Milano with Federcongressi&eventi as its catalyst, set out to meet these demands. Gabriella Gentile, Federcongressi&eventi President, explained: "Bit is a very important marketplace but it is also a valuable opportunity for operators in the tourism industry to network, discuss and undertake training. For Federcongressi&eventi the event was a success: we were able to promote our projects, showcase our ongoing activities and meet key players and stakeholders for the growth of the MICE sector.”