Croatia: favourite destination among digital nomadism and luxury

Croatia: favourite destination among digital nomadism and luxury

Croatia confirms its participation at BIT24, after experiencing surprising growth in 2023 in the tourism sector, returning to similar levels of the pre-pandemic period.

For the destination of Croatia, the first eleven months of 2023 recorded 20 million arrivals and 106 million overnight stays, an increase of 9% and 3% compared to 2022 (CNTB). In September alone, there were 2.5 million tourist arrivals and 13.5 million overnight stays.


These satisfactory results are the fruit of the adaptability of Croatian facilities and services, which, in a tourism market increasingly characterised by sustainability, digitalisation and innovation, have been able to meet the interests and needs of different travellers, from tourists to digital nomads. "Our goal," explained Viviana Vikelic, Director of the Croatian National Tourist Board in Italy, "is to be recognised as a sustainable and high-value destination, i.e., as a destination with authentic and high-quality tourist experiences."


The country's entry into theSchengen area as of 1 January 2023 has undoubtedly contributed to facilitating tourist flows. However, the country's excellent location, almost entirely by the sea, with 5,788 kilometres of coastline and 1,185 islands, of which only 66 are inhabited, makes it undoubtedly an attractive destination.


“The strengths of Croatian tourism are an excellent geographical location, easy access, high-quality air, a pristine sea,” Vikelic explains. Very well positioned, visible in the tourist market, it is recognised as a destination where everyone can find something to do; it is also ideal for digital nomads, because, with a high-level Internet network, it offers natural beauty, cultural value, a favourable climate and safety, so that people can work from the comfort of their homes.” It is no coincidence that the Croatian Tourist Board launched the hashtag #CroatiaYourNewOffice.


The tourist offer and strategic proximity made the country very attractive to Italians, who in the first nine months of 2023 realised a total of 922,275 arrivals, 5% more than last year[1]. “In Italy, as a tourist destination,” Vikelic explains, “it is perceived as a stable and safe market, ideal for yachtsmen, with its spectacular islands, but also a country rich in cultural, natural and gastronomic heritage; especially chosen by young people. It is also ideal for open-air tourism and can be reached independently by car.”


Thanks to its vast natural spaces, the country offers numerous activities and experiences for outdoor holidays: from the city walls of Dubrovnik to the waterfalls of the Plitvice Lakes, from the poetry in stone of the Kornati islands to the unique landscapes where the Mediterranean merges with cities, forests and mountains6. In this scenario, it is possible to go rafting and kayaking, experience parachuting and paragliding for thrills from the sky, and discover the area through horseback riding or cycling.  The UNESCO sites and cities of art also contribute to making it a favourite destination for business tourism in addition to being a destination for leisure.


But it is luxury, wellness and health tourism that is experiencing a particular increase in demand. "We have a good reputation for health services (rehabilitation, dental tourism, cosmetic surgery), qualified staff, natural beauty with a wealth of thermal springs. In 2024, we will emphasise even more our quality, proximity, safety, variety, but also further development based on a sustainable, ecological and digital approach."


The goal of Croatian tourism remains that of offering an ever-wider range of possible and differentiated activities, practicable not only in the summer months but also in the winter months, so as to prevent the congestion of tourist flows - mostly concentrated in the warmer months -, moving towards a seasonal adjustment of tourism.


Croatia therefore participates in BIT 2024 to promote the potential of the region, to strengthen its connections and to open up new perspectives.