Gattinoni Group: innovative, people-centred offering
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Gattinoni Group: innovative, people-centred offering

The Gattinoni Group is also at BIT 24: at the exhibition, it will present its innovative and people-centred offer, previewing a three-year growth plan that includes technology, staff training and adapting to the evolution of tourism - combining the worlds of food and beverage, environmental sustainability and social commitment. Isabella Maggi, Marketing & Communication Director of the Group, explains. 

With a history of 40 years of growth, the Gattinoni Group has followed the evolution of the tourism market from the inside, demonstrating that it knows how to adapt to change, both through the use of new technologies and by interpreting the individual needs of travellers and those working in the sector.


As Isabella Maggi, Marketing & Communication Director of Gattinoni, explained today, “the Gattinoni Group is looking at a three-year growth plan, not only in terms of numbers and turnover, but also in terms of staff growth and corporate vision, with the aim of becoming an increasingly important reference point in the events, business travel and leisure agency and product markets. The world of tourism and events is changing rapidly and we need to adapt through technology and innovation, but also through the training of staff who are increasingly required to multi-task to meet the needs of individual clients and businesses - without losing the focus on people that has always been the hallmark of our business and our way of working.”


Technology (AI and metaverse),” Maggi explains, “will bring big changes in the way we talk about and sell travel and holidays, without replacing the joy of going away, and in the world of events, simplifying or improving certain aspects of a convention, a product launch or a road tour. The search for experiences remains one of the keys to choosing a trip or an event and is often the lever for a sale in one direction or another. And then there is the centrality of the consumer, each a unique individual, who can no longer be treated as part of a target market, but as a single entity with different tastes and interests, and data will be a great help to us in this.”


Gattinoni comes to BIT with the goal of “reaching the end customer by talking about our products and our agencies. We want to illustrate our experiences that consumers can find in our physical stores or on our website, And we want to do it through some engaging activities, with a nod to the world of food and drink, environmental sustainability and social commitment.”