An adventure that starts from Brisbane


An adventure that starts from Brisbane

by Jessica Pignatelli






What is the journey that changed your life?


Hi, I'm Jessica from respiramondo, the trip that changed my life, in reality it's not easy to choose because every trip in my opinion changes it.


But what can I say, after the extension of the Working Holiday Visa up to the age of 35, I really changed my life.


In November of the last year, at the age of 33, I decided to apply for a visa, it was accepted in 30 seconds: so I put all my things up for sale, clothes, shoes, furniture, furnishings and I gave notice to leave my house for rent after 6 years. In March 2023, a few days before turning 34, I left, one-way ticket to Brisbane, 7 nights in a hostel, no plan and only the mandatory €3000 required.


From that moment the journey turned into an adventure, following the flow and instinct, deciding day by day by listening to my sensations.


Between van trips with girls I just met, hitchhiking and contacts made by chance in 6 months I have already completed my 88 days and done a good amount of road tripping.


Now I'm also about to start travelling again, undertaking a solo road trip by bus, which aims to be the most low-cost trip ever!


In short, there is no age, there is no budget, there is no valid excuse if you really want something!



What does travelling mean to you?


Travelling for me is this, discovering, immersing yourself in the landscapes, the scents, the colors, the people. Growing and evolving day by day, shedding your skin like a snake.


A journey is always a journey within myself too, to know and defeat my demons, to know and expand my limits, to question myself, change my mind and be able to create the life I want and a new me every day.



Do you have a journey that changed your life?

Tell us about it!