BIT 2023: a streetcar named desire ... to travel

BIT 2023: a streetcar named desire ... to travel

Sustainable and conscious travel for the short as well as the medium to long haul, with a focus on walking, open-air and nature experiences, which are increasingly characterizing the Travel of tomorrow.

The BIT 2023 presentation held on January 30 aboard a real streetcar from Milan that explored the same city during the event was a great success. A metaphor for how BIT 2023 offers authentic experiences that combine sustainable and conscious travel with local traditions.


A trend that is confirmed and will be confirmed at BIT 2023, from February 12 to 14 at Allianz MiCo in Milan: a must-attend event for industry operators and travel enthusiasts to search for the most interesting and curious offerings of the major industry leaders in Italy and around the world, the most unusual locations and the offerings of major carriers and tour operators.



Tourism in Italy: slow, conscious and ecological


History, traditions, and enchanting places: from North to South, “insiders” offer vacations to learn how to make honey with a real beekeeper, participate in the olive harvest from which travelers can take home a bottle with their name and surname on it, or even, discover the properties of flowers and rare plants in historic gardens. The important thing is to disconnect from the hustle and bustle of city life, reconnect with nature and regenerate with unusual activities.



Around the world to rediscover beauty


Operators and travelers who want to cross borders will find at BIT 2023, in the Leisure area, a variety of international proposals for all distances and all types of experiences. Here we are “told” of unique historical heritages marked by the meeting of cultures, but also of natural wonders that are not yet well known: opportunities to combine sun and sea with nature hikes and immersions in distant cultures await travelers all over the world, spanning from neighboring Europe to the Americas or Asia.



Supply chain stakeholders and the schedule of events


The Tourism Collection will host all the big players in the tourism supply chain: from international carriers to rail, as well as major tour operators including the big names and the most interesting niche innovations and hotel chains. Special attention will be given to the revitalization of Business Travel and proposals for the digital transition of some of the most interesting and dynamic tech-houses.


The Bringing Innovation Into Travel format’s schedule of events, created in collaboration with Fiera Milano's knowledge unit, Business International, will further push on the accelerator of sustainable innovation by introducing the most cutting-edge proposals, such as the metaverse, combined with in-depth discussions with leading international experts and vocational courses.


And if sustainable travel is a must for all travelers, BIT 2023 responds by aiming for zero emissions through the LCA (Life-cycle Assessment) method, as part of Fiera Milano’s broader Sustainability Plan and in line with UFI's global Net Carbon Zero Events initiative.



If you are a professional visitor or traveler, purchase your tickets in advance.